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Welcome to Perfectly Put together!

What you can expect

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In this course, you will learn how to put together outfits using the simple 4-step Perfectly Put Together framework. When finished, you’ll have the power to:

  • Get up and get dressed in 20 minutes or less!
  • Shop your own closet for outfits you will love to wear!
  • Create outfits that fit into your lifestyle, so you can go through your day confidently. No worries about ruining everything!
  • Take the time to care for yourself and send the message to everyone – most importantly YOU – that you are worth a few minutes to look put together each day!
  • Be more productive, feel better, and be ready for anything everyday!
  • Be comfortable in your outfits and your day wearing a stylish outfit that makes you look and feel fantastic!


Getting Started


Get Ready for Lesson #1

Each module is made up of three parts – the written lesson, the video lesson, and any cheat sheets or homework assignments.

There are 12 modules, plus bonus modules, and many of those modules have smaller lessons within to break down the content into manageable pieces and for easy reference. Most of the modules have at least one cheat sheet or homework assignment. 

You’ll find the links to the downloads within each module, and it’s helpful to print out the worksheets before you start your lesson. You can even put your worksheets in a 3-ring binder or folder so all the information is in one place.

This is a great place to take notes and keep all of your thoughts together in one spot.


Join the Private Perfectly Put Together Facebook Group

When you signed up for the course you received an email with a link to join the Private Facebook Community – Perfectly Put Together. Only course members are allowed to join this group, and because it is private, nothing you share will show up in your personal Facebook feed, and no one in your friends list will see anything you share (unless your friends are also joining us in this course!).

This Facebook Group is where you will hopefully share your outfits of the day (OOTD), get accountability for getting dressed each day, and discuss the lessons from the course. You will also get access to me and be able to ask questions.

You don’t have to participate or share your selfies, but it’s a wonderful place to inspire and be inspired, make some amazing friends who are also participating in the course, get feedback (if you want it), and share your wins! It’s always more fun to take a journey with others, and this group will be fun, kind, helpful, and welcoming.


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  • Click on Bookmarks – Bookmark This Tab
  • Then on the same menu bar you see Bookmarks go to View – Always Show Bookmarks Bar 

You’ll be able to return to this course with the simple click of a button. 


Whitelist my email

I promise to only show up in your inbox when I have something important to share, and so you don’t miss a thing, be sure and whitelist my email address or the spam hounds might devour your amazing course content before you ever see it! Add to your email contacts list, and we should be good!